420 Featured Product: CloudV® Vaporizers

We proudly carry a wide array of vaporizers, apparel, hemp beauty products, accessories and essential oils in our retail section. This week, we’re featuring the CloudV® vaporizers: These are the perfect vaporizers for people who want something discrete and/or portable. CloudV designs high-end electronic vaporizers with innovative designs. Since our introduction to the marketplace we … Continued

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Featured Product: 3 Kings Reign Vaporizer

This week our featured product is 3 Kings Reign Vaporizer, which is the smallest digital baking vaporizer in the world. This vaporizer has a huge ceramic heating chamber which produces vapour in just 30 seconds. Other features include: OLED screen with temperature control Heats to max in 20 seconds Rechargeable with USB cable You can … Continued

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Featured Product: herbalAire Vaporizer

Did you know 420 Clinic offers retail products? Our current featured product is the herbalAire vaporizer. We love this vaporizer because it is easy to use, yet effective. Added features include the temperature dial, dual-purpose technology and simplicity of the vaporizer. Not to mention, the herbalAire is the most reasonably priced product of its kind. … Continued

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