What Ontario is getting wrong about cannabis legalization

There is disappointing news out of Ontario today, as their Government announced its plans for cannabis distribution come federal legalization date, July 1, 2018. The LCBO model has some unfortunate gaps that will only serve to boost the black market, and leaves medical patients out of the equation. Ontario announced that cannabis retail will be … Continued

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Study: cannabis use decreases opioid dependency

A landmark study released by HelloMD and the University of Berkeley, shows that medical cannabis is not only a preferred treatment option for chronic pain, but also reduces patient dependency on opioids. “The latest publication from the National Academy of Sciences clearly refuted the ‘gateway drug’ theory that using marijuana can lead to opioid addiction, instead finding evidence … Continued

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Canada now has 50 Licensed Producers

After a new cannabis producer was approved by Health Canada last week, Canada now has 50 Licensed Producers. Licensed Producers are the only cannabis producers and distributors who can legally grow and sell cannabis to consumers in Canada, and they can only sell to people with a medical prescription for marijuana. Last week, Sundial Growers, … Continued

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Ask 420: How does cannabis legalization compare to tobacco?

Q: How does cannabis legalization in Canada compare to tobacco legislation? A: The two acts (Tobacco Act and the proposed Cannabis Act) in Canada differ in many areas, but they are similar in their focus on restricting youth access, enhancing awareness and advertising restrictions. The proposed Cannabis Act contains promotion and packaging prohibitions similar to those … Continued

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Ask 420: What is microdosing?

You may have heard a lot about “microdosing” lately, as the media is latching onto this concept that’s making waves around the world. Microdosing has long been linked to psychedelic drugs like LSD, but microdosing is increasingly being embraced by cannabis users, especially for medicinal purposes. What microdosing is, is simply taking small amounts of … Continued

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