The fastest-growing demographic for medical marijuana? Seniors

The fastest-growing user base of medical marijuana, are adults in their 70s, 80s and 90s. Many seniors are trying cannabis for the first time, after having failed luck with pharmaceuticals for things like chronic pain, insomnia, depression and anxiety. There is much misconception that medical cannabis causes euphoric effects, but products like CBD oils do … Continued

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The Benefits of Vaporizing Over Smoking

When it comes to ingesting marijuana, the classic image that comes to mind is someone smoking a joint. This is not the ideal method for many, because of health concerns, the stigma, etc. Vaporizing is actually the the most recommended method for ingesting marijuana as it removes the harmful effects of smoke, since cannabis is inhaled via … Continued

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2016 Canada Cannabis Year in Review

This year was a monumental one for marijuana in Canada, and as we bid 2016 farewell this weekend, here’s a look back at the biggest cannabis stories in our country this year. Aurora launched same-day delivery in Calgary: the Licensed Producer launched same-day delivery services to those in Calgary and surrounding area for medical marijuana. … Continued

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Highlights From the Taskforce Report on Marijuana Legalization

Yesterday, the final report from Ottawa’s taskforce on legalized recreational marijuana was released, a 106-page submission with more than 80 recommendations. To fulfill our mandate, we engaged with provincial, territorial and municipal governments, experts, patients, advocates, Indigenous governments and representative organizations, employers and industry. We heard from many other Canadians as well, including many young … Continued

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