Cannabis and Behaviour: How different strains affect thought patterns

Today we’re going to look at cannabis and behaviour, more specifically, how you can use different strains to achieve different effects. Let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves, there are high CBD strains that offer relief from ailments like inflammation, without any psychoactive side effects. Today however, we are focusing on how THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) influences … Continued

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Report: Cannabis charges down in Canada

In Statistics Canada’s annual report, released today, it was revealed that the number of cannabis-related offences reported to police is down. For the fifth straight year, cannabis crimes are on the decline in Canada. In 2016, approximately 55,000 offences related to marijuana were reported to police, that’s 6,000 less than 2015. Similarly, 17,733 people were … Continued

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The fastest-growing demographic for medical marijuana? Seniors

The fastest-growing user base of medical marijuana, are adults in their 70s, 80s and 90s. Many seniors are trying cannabis for the first time, after having failed luck with pharmaceuticals for things like chronic pain, insomnia, depression and anxiety. There is much misconception that medical cannabis causes euphoric effects, but products like CBD oils do … Continued

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The Benefits of Vaporizing Over Smoking

When it comes to ingesting marijuana, the classic image that comes to mind is someone smoking a joint. This is not the ideal method for many, because of health concerns, the stigma, etc. Vaporizing is actually the the most recommended method for ingesting marijuana as it removes the harmful effects of smoke, since cannabis is inhaled via … Continued

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