New Brunswick is the first province incorporating private cannabis retail

It was reported yesterday, that the New Brunswick Liquor Corporation (NBLC) has released a call for bids for retail cannabis locations in the province. This makes New Brunswick the first province in Canada to announce a private retail integration with cannabis legalization. The NBLC, which is responsible for the purchase, importation, distribution and retail of … Continued

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Your Voice Matters: Take the Alberta Government Cannabis Survey!

The Government of Alberta has outlined its draft framework for cannabis legalization in the province, and in order to garner feedback on this framework, Albertans are asked to complete a survey before October 27, 2017. To better help our clients and community better understand the questions and our stance on each, we have outlined each question … Continued

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Alberta NDP: “The most responsible cannabis announcement thus far”

This morning, the Alberta government outlined their draft cannabis framework for legalization in the province come July 1, 2018. Based on what was released today, we feel strongly that the Alberta NDP listened to Albertans, and have come back with considerations that will serve our province and its people in a responsible manner. “This is … Continued

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Our Medical Director weighs in on the AHS cannabis recommendations

Last week, the media took hold of pieces of the Alberta Health Services (AHS) recommendations for cannabis legalization in Alberta: Alberta Health Services says the provincial government should consider a minimum age of 21 for consumption of legal cannabis — and potentially raise the minimum age for smoking tobacco and drinking alcohol to match. In its submission … Continued

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