420 Clinic is designed with you in mind. We pride ourselves in customer service and support that betters the lives of our clients through medical marijuana.

Total access

From finding a doctor to selecting a strain that’s right for you, 420 Clinic offers expertise on marijuana for medical purposes.


No hassle appointments

Appointments can be scheduled by email, phone or in person. 420 Clinic offers appointments during business hours, depending on availability. We can also come to you for an in-home visit if accessibility is an issue.


Quality care

Our customer care staff are with you every step of the process, making it as simple as possible. We recognize that no individual is the same, so care is customized based on personal needs.

Convenient location

Located in the neighborhood of Inglewood in Calgary, 420 Clinic offers a comfortable space for patients to feel welcome and safe. Free parking is also available behind the building.


Latest technology

420 Clinic offers the most up to date products and services in the industry in order to better serve our clients.


You’re not alone

We strive to be a credible and quality resource for all medical marijuana patients. 420 Clinic extends support through cooking classes, product recommendations and overall dedication to clients.