420 Clinic Lethbridge is Open!

We are very excited to announce that as of July 5, 2017, 420 Clinic has a second location open! The doors open at our brand new Lethbridge clinic at 9 am on July 5th at 330 – 7 Street South.

We are currently booking appointments and accepting new patients in Lethbridge, and you can book an appointment by calling us: (403) 327-4687.

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Just wondering will you be having a site to order from as I’m from Newfoundland, and what I have to do … Thank you for your time in this matter … Edward Courtney

Hi. I was wondering how old someone has to be to make an appointment. I’m 16 and I’m needing to talk to my doctor about giving me the papers cause I have a very bad headaches and I have pains everywhere on a daily basis. I have bad ocd and adhd.

HI also forgot to add while asking how old I need to be to get my card that I also have
Sleep Disorders,
Panic Disorder,
Back Pain,
And Anxiety Disorders

I was wondering if u do medical green cards n does it cost n would aish cover the products im in Milk River Alberta and would use Lethbridge location

Well there is no such thing as a green card, the only way to legally obtain cannabis in Canada at this time is to have a prescription for medicinal use. We do book patients in with our doctors who are seeking to find out if they qualify for this type of treatment. Does that sound like you?

Due to chronic back and hip pain , I come to Lethbridge for 3 shots of Citrix on every 3 month. Also on pain control medications . This has caused me to develop stomach and intestinal problems now I need surgery for these problems I am seeking an alternative for pain control

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