The Benefits of Vaporizing Over Smoking

When it comes to ingesting marijuana, the classic image that comes to mind is someone smoking a joint. This is not the ideal method for many, because of health concerns, the stigma, etc. Vaporizing is actually the the most recommended method for ingesting marijuana as it removes the harmful effects of smoke, since cannabis is inhaled via vapour instead.

Here’s some of the benefits of vaporizing over smoking:

  • Discretion: vaporizers come in all different sizes and formats. They also give off less odour, so you can take your medical cannabis incognito. Most vaporizers now are rechargeable and can fit inside your pocket!
  • Tastes better: vaporizing cannabis allows you to enjoy the flavour elements better, as it tastes cleaner and more crisp when compared to burning in the smoking process.
  • Stronger: vaporizing cannabis will give you a stronger experience.
  • Healthier: smoking anything comes with harmful side effects, as the combustion of properties in burning can leave people with sick feelings or side effects.

Looking for insights on how to ingest marijuana? Here’s our guide on the various ways you can take your medical cannabis. Come see us in store or give us a call to find out what vapourizers we have in stock and what special pricing we have going on.





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