Why You Should Cook With Your Cannabis

There are many ways to ingest medical marijuana that will provide you the maximum health benefits without the harmful side effects that smoking can bring. A popular method of ingestion is using a vaporizer, but becoming more and more popular for many patients is cooking with cannabis. Learning the basics of marijuana cooking will allow you to take your medicinal product with your food—easy! Because there is also currently a shortage of CBD oils, cooking is a great alternative.

Our Weed Chef, Crystal, recently spoke with VUE Weekly about cooking with cannabis:

I find that many people, especially on the medical focused side of the industry, like the idea of eating it more than inhaling it, and many would agree that it is certainly a healthier practice as well. There is also a comfort to food. Everybody loves food. People that are suffering or are sick may not want to inhale smoke or vapour into their lungs. So, learning how to cook with it has become more and more popular, and I believe, will continue to do so.

The best way to start is to learn how to make things like oils and butters with your medical marijuana, making the addition of cannabis to your food easy because you just use the oils and butters as you normally would in any recipe. At 420 Clinic, we offer free cooking classes to learn the basics of oils and butters, and the next one is:

  • WHEN: April 29 at 1pm
    WHERE: 420 Clinic
    WHO: Anyone
    COST: Free – just show up!

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