Featured Licensed Producer: Mettrum

In a new feature on our blog, we’ll be profiling the Licensed Producers in Canada, so you can get a feel for your options and what they all specialize in. This week, is Mettrum.

Located in Ontario, Mettrum has developed many ground-breaking practices, like Mettrum Spectrum that makes the strain selection process a lot easier for doctors and patients.

The Mettrum Spectrum™ simplifies the dialogue around strength and dosage by categorizing medical cannabis according to THC and CBD levels, allowing health care professionals to recommend strains to their patients with confidence. [Mettrum]

Mettrum currently has four dried cannabis strains available, with many others in production, as well as other marijuana products and accessories.

Our trained and knowledgeable staff is happy to discuss Mettrum with you, as well as your other Licensed Producer options in Canada, just give us a call: 403-475-4205.

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