Medical Marijuana and Mitochondrial Disease

September 18 – 24, 2016 is Global Mitochondrial Disease Awareness Week, so we thought we’d look at the benefits of cannabis for this disease.

What is Mitochondrial Disease?
This disease is an inherited lines that causes debilitating physical, developmental and cognitive disabilities. Symptoms include loss of muscle coordination, muscle weakness, pain, seizures and more.

How can medical marijuana help?
Medical marijuana has been shown to improve various symptoms for Mitochondrial Disease, including:

  • Seizure control
  • Pain relief
  • Relief of gastrointestinal symptoms

In a recent German study, researchers showed that exposure to cannabis can improve mitochondrial function in rodent models. This study suggests that marijuana (or the activation of the brain’s cannabinoid system) triggers the release of antioxidants, which act as a cleansing mechanism, a process known to remove damaged cells and improve the efficiency of mitochondria. [Mito Action]

If you want to discuss how medical marijuana can ease your Mitochondrial Disease symptoms, please call us: 403-475-4205.

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