How to talk to your employer about medical marijuana

Transparency is key when it comes to medical marijuana in the workplace. If you are in a position where you could be considered impaired on the job, or if you have need to consume cannabis on a regular basis, you should really be up front with your employer about your usage.

Canadian employers have a duty to accommodate your medical disability and the treatment that follows. There is no requirement for employees who do not hold safety-sensitive positions to report their medical cannabis use to their employer, but there are obvious reasons why transparency would make sense. [Civilized]

Here’s some tips for disclosing your medical marijuana use to your employer:

  • Give them all the pertinent information: prescription amount, recommended dosage, what condition you have, etc.
  • Have professional documentation from your doctor as well as the prescription itself so you can provide this to your employer upon request.
  • Be transparent but demand confidentiality. Ensure that the information you’ve provided to your employer remains confidential, and be as upfront as you can about your usage.
  • Be professional and proactive. Offer suggestions and information on how your employer can best support you, and offer opportunities to work with them.

If you have questions or concerns, you can speak to your HR representative, or check out the Government of Alberta online for resources on company drug policies.

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