What’s the difference between cannabis strains?

When it comes to medical cannabis, there are three categories of product: indica, sativa and hybrid. Whether you are a first-time medical marijuana user or not, it’s important to understand the distinction between each one so you know which strain is the right fit for you.

Early taxonomic distinctions between Cannabis indica and Cannabis sativa began in the 18th century when differences between their structure and resin production were first noted. The hybrid category was adopted later on, as growers began mixing genetics from different geographic locations. [Leafly]

The various strains are distinguished by morphology, geographic region they grow in, effects and their symptom relief. Here’s an easy breakdown of each:


  • Full body effects
  • Sedating and relaxing
  • Great for insomnia, pain, anxiety and muscle spasms
  • Typically used as a nighttime strain


  • Cerebral-focused effects
  • Enhances creativity, uplifting
  • Great for depression, ADD, fatigue and mood disorders
  • Typically used morning to afternoon


  • Offer a bit of both Indica and Sativa effects

As more research is conducted, our understanding of cannabis classification is bound to change and develop. We believe that this categorization still holds a great deal of importance, especially as breeders chase genetic lineages back to those earliest indica and sativa varieties. [Leafly]

Leafly has a great video on their website that breaks down these differences in strains, check it out online here. The best way to decide upon what strain is best for your condition or symptoms, is to speak to a professional regarding your options. If you’d like to book an assessment with our clinic to discuss your symptoms and strain options, you can contact us here.

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