Featured Patient: Meet Karen

Each month, 420 Clinic introduces you to one of our patients. In this edition, we invite you to meet Karen.

Q: Why do you use medical marijuana?
A: I am hyper alert and have insomnia. Getting to sleep and staying asleep was a big problem for me.

Q: Why did you think it would be right for you?
A: I was prescribed opiates by the doctor and it was making me “zombified.” I couldn’t function after using them. Then I tried marijuana illegally and instantly it worked – and it worked great. Due to work, I wanted to go about it the legal way so I found 420 Clinic.

Q: What’s your favourite strain?
A: Indica, as it’s sedative and that’s what I use it for. It’s great to relax. I hit the pillows and I’m out!

Q: What do you think the biggest myth about medical marijuana is?
A: I think people don’t realize that it’s medicine. It’s lumped in with the bad stuff, so it gets a bad reputation. But, really the scientific proof is there. I’m open about it and I think people need to be educated.

Thank you Karen for being our featured patient of the month! If you are interested in being the next featured patient, contact chloe@420clinic.ca

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